Order Fulfillment Services

Isometric is now proud to offer order fulfillment services for your small business. Whether you’re a startup, a small manufacturer, or an up-and-coming eCommerce business, you’re going to need solutions for inventory management, packaging, and shipping to meet lead time requirements and maintain satisfied customers. We can act as your order fulfillment partner by storing and managing your inventory; inspecting, kitting, and packaging your products; and shipping to your customers around the globe in a timely manner so you can continue focusing on what you do best – making and selling cool stuff.

We’re a small business that exists to support small businesses. We don’t include a bunch of hidden fees or make this process difficult. We want to work with you as a partner that helps to keep your costs and your headaches at a minimum. That’s why we decided on having no fees for receiving, picking, or for standard packaging. You shouldn’t have to spend your days trying to figure out what the next invoice is going to look like once all of the hidden fees are factored in. We will invoice for monthly storage fees and shipping. That’s it. All receiving, inventory management, standard packing, and picking is all included in the monthly storage fee. We’ve got some premium add-ons, of course, such as custom kitting or quality inspection, but we’ll work those costs out with you on a case-by-case basis so you’ll get exactly what you want and know exactly what to expect.

Reach out to discuss partnering with us to meet your order fulfillment needs!