Liaison Partnership

Our liaison partnership program allows for independent field reps, customer service engineers, quality engineers, and sort team members to join our network and grow their business.

There is no cost to join our network. Registration is free and easy and we don’t get paid until you’re awarded business. Even then, you name your rate and we add a small percentage as an administration fee that gets billed directly to the client; you’ll never pay to work with us.

With flexible payment methods and schedules, you’ll always be sure to get paid for your work when you need the money. Your payments for completed work are guaranteed, even if the client hasn’t yet paid for services.

What does it cost to join the Isometric Liaison Partner Network?

Nothing! Registration is easy and free. We work with local independent contractors in a win-win partnership. You name your rates and pay nothing for being a member. We add a small percentage as an administrative fee that gets billed directly to clients. You will never pay to work with us.

How will I get paid?

We have flexible payment options using modern methods of instantly transferring funds such as Cash App and Paypal. We’ll determine the payment schedule and methods when we enter into a contract agreement, but you’ll always be paid for work completed, regardless if the client is yet to pay for services.

How much will I be paid?

As an independent contractor, you set your own rates and schedule when you work with us. We utilize this information to secure work in customer sites in your area – your hourly rate may impact how much work you are able to bring in with us. We simply add a 25% administration fee to your rate to cover our costs and bill the total amount directly to the client.

What will I need to be able to complete registration?

We’ll send the complete requirements when we receive your registration form, but you’ll need to carry your own liability insurance and submit a complete W-9 as an independent contractor to work with us.