IQS Sorting & 3PL Services

Isometric Quality Solutions (IQS) is our quality control portion of the business, with an aim to keep your supply chain running smoothly and your customers protected and satisfied. Whether you’re an automotive supplier who is in need of containment and sorting services to make an urgent shipment to an OEM customer or an eCommerce business who is looking for 3PL solutions for inspection, assembly, packing, and shipping your products, we’re ready to tailor solutions for you.

IQS Services:

3rd party sorting services


Sometimes you’re going to find yourself in a pinch and will need to contain nonconforming material in order to protect downstream processes or customers. Let us help do the dirty work.


Whether you need onsite sorting at your facility or customer location or you’re looking for some offsite sorting of your product, we can help. Our experienced sort teams will work with you to understand your needs and will only start work when you’ve approved the scope of work and work instructions that our team will use to complete the job. You’ll get daily reports with defect trends and Pareto charts included in our defect tracker so you can better understand the impact of your quality issues and make informed decisions.


If you’ve had a spill of nonconforming material but have deemed that it can be usable if reworked or you’ve had an OEM customer approve a deviation for rework, you are probably feeling a bit relieved that you won’t have to scrap the material, but now you’re faced with the issue of getting experienced labor together to actually perform the work. Let us help address that challenge by providing our team to help develop the approved rework process and complete the work. We’ll keep diligent records of work completed and results so you have everything you need to satisfy your customer.

GP-12 & Safe Launch

If you’ve launched a new program or recently had a large quality spill, you likely have GP-12 or safe launch requirements for 100% inspection and certification. This often lasts for months, as many customers will require 30 days of 100% without defect. Let us provide the experienced teams to manage your GP-12 or Safe Launch requirements. We’ll do the hard part and you’ll receive daily reports with trend and Pareto defect data to communicate to your customers and make informed decisions.

3PL Services


If you are an eComm business in need of space to receive, store, pack, and ship your product to customers, reach out to see how we can help.


If you’re looking for someone to perform receiving inspection to ensure the quality of products coming in from eComm partners before they are packed and shipped to your customers, fill out the form below to see how we can help.

Kitting & Assembly

If you are an eComm business with components coming in from multiple suppliers that need to be kitted or assembled prior to being shipped to your final customers, we can handle the dirty work so you can focus on selling.

Packing & Shipping

We wouldn’t be much of a 3PL solution if we didn’t offer packing and shipping services. Our team uses Ship Station warehouse management software to manage orders and returns, handle picking & packing, get the best carrier rates, and gather detailed inventory insights & reports.

Please fill out the form below if you’d like to request a quote – be sure to include a brief description of your project and timeline for us to best serve you.