“The Value Add of Successful IATF 16949 Implementation” Published by IATF

The IATF has developed a brochure to highlight “The Value Add of Successful IATF 16949 Implementation” which was published on the IATF Global Oversight web page on October 27th.  You can download the brochure from the IATF website or from the download link below.

IATF certification of a manufacturing company in the automotive sector adds value to operational and strategic areas, to Quality Management Systems, through certification scheme oversight, and to customer satisfaction, when compared to that provided by ISO 9001 certification.

Competitive advantage can take many forms, even the implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System can provide a competitive advantage. IATF certification is not just a certificate on the wall. If successfully implemented, IATF certification can provide that competitive advantage through:

  • Ensuring appropriate focus and resource allocation on prevention measures over corrective actions
  • Aligning a manufacturing company’s Quality Management System to customer requirements in 16 automotive areas
  • Validating effective implementation of IATF 16949 through a closely managed audit process of an enhanced Certification Scheme for Automotive, and
  • Enabling more certified manufacturing companies to meet customer requirements


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