TC 176/SC 2 Finished Review of ISO 10007:2017; Majority Favor Confirmation

TC 176/SC 2, the group responsible for ISO 9001, has finished its review of ISO 10007:2017, in accordance with the normal 5-year review cycle for ISO standards, with a large majority of SC 2 reportedly being in favor of confirming the standard as-is.  ISO 10007:2017 Quality management – Guidelines for configuration management, is a quality management guidance document meant to give firms guidance on configuration management in relation to products and services from ‘concept to disposal,’ and is said to help organizations meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 8.5.2.

The current revision replaced ISO 10007:2003 in order to align with language in ISO 9000:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 and defines configuration as ‘interrelated functional and physical characteristics of a product or service defined in configuration information (3.5),’ subsequently stating in 3.5, ‘[configuration information is] requirements for product or service design, realization, verification, operation and support.  Specifically, the configuration guidance is intended to help meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 8.5.2 Identification and traceability, which states:

“The organization shall use suitable means to identify outputs when it is necessary to ensure the conformity of products and services…the organization shall identify the status of outputs with respect to monitoring and measurement requirements throughout production and service provision…the organization shall control the unique identification of the outputs when traceability is a requirement, and shall retain the documented information necessary to enable traceability.”

TC 176/SC 2 reports that SPOTG – the Strategic Planning and Operations Task Group – will meet on the 29th of September to review the results of the finished review and make recommendations for the path forward for the standard, likely recommending its confirmation and setting the 2017 revision as the current version for the next 5 years.  The recommendation will then be given to the SC 2 plenary on October 9th of this year, at which point this report will be amended with the final outcome.