IATF Approves Communique SC-2022-007 in Response to Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine

On 4/8/2022, the IATF approved Stakeholder Communique SC-2022-007 IATF certification activities in Ukraine.   The purpose of this Communiqué is to advise all IATF Stakeholders regarding global waivers and measures of the IATF (International Automotive Task Force) in response to the situation in Ukraine.

 First and foremost, the thoughts of the IATF are with the Ukrainian people.

Stakeholder Communique SC-2022-007

The communique comes in response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and allows, until further notice, a) all organizations in the Ukraine to maintain the validity of their certificates without exception, even if audits and other certification activities cannot be conducted according to schedules, and, b) all 3rd party auditors within Ukraine to hold their credentials even if they are currently prevented from conducting audit activities.

Kudos to IATF for releasing this communique. Our thoughts continue to be with those affected by the ongoing conflict in the region. Download the communique below.