New FMEA Requirements in the Ford Customer Specific Requirements (CSR)

The Ford IATF 16949 Customer Specific Requirements (CSR) were updated in November of 2021 with several important changes that became effective as of January 03, 2022, and in which there will need to be evidence of implementation for Tier-1 and sub-tier suppliers by July 1, 2022.  I’ve included the entire revision table of the Ford CSR below, but of note:

  • The need for organizations to develop Foundation FMEAs
    • These act as a baseline or template for every type of process that an organization might have and incorporates known failures, lessons learned, etc. 
    • These must have linkage to the Part FMEAs – if changes are made to these baseline Foundation FMEAs, for instance, it must result in a change to the affected Part FMEAs
  • The need for using FMEA software – gone are the days of Excel FMEAs
    • Organizations will need to have evidence of use of FMEA software that can link Foundation FMEAs with Part FMEAs and is in an acceptable format – i.e. in accordance with the Ford FMEA Manual or the AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook
  • The need for organizations to complete Reverse FMEAs (RFMEA) after a program launch
    • These are activities in which cross-functional teams will work with operators and Operations personnel to evaluate a process after launch to try to find new failure modes, beat error-proofing, etc. so that the PFMEA and potentially the Foundation FMEA can be strengthened by failure modes and causes that were not initially considered
    • Organizations will need to have evidence of RFMEA activity by July 1, 2022


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