Free Whitepaper: Implementing IATF 16949 With a Consultant vs. a DIY Approach

One of the goals of every company is to create a bigger profit and avoid losses and financial mismanagement. Among other benefits IATF 16949 brings to the company, it can be one of the tools that will help companies to enhance their image and expand their market by being qualified to apply for tenders and meet customer and legal requirements. For those reasons, more and more automotive companies worldwide are deciding to implement IATF 16949, and the number of certificates is growing every year, but the road toward the certificate is not always easy.

At the very beginning of IATF 16949 implementation, you’re probably overwhelmed with various approaches on how to start and finish such a project successfully. One of the biggest problems is the fact that the company doesn’t even know what to expect from the implementation, what the deliverables will be, and how much time and resources it will take. Even before the implementation project starts, the company must get familiar with the standard to get some idea of what to expect at the end of the project. There are two basic options to implement this standard: (1) use a consultant, or (2) implement the standard with a Do-It-Yourself approach – but taking advantage of external know-how.