Mike McLean of ISO/TC 176 on the Possibility of New Changes to ISO 9001

Watch Mike McLean, Managing Director of McLean Management Consultants Pty Ltd. and longstanding member of ISO/TC 176 discuss the possible future of ISO 9001.

Mr. McLean seems to dodge actually explaining with clarity what upcoming changes might be, but seems to speak more generally about the constantly changing landscape that makes content in Annex SL or the text within ISO 9001 obsolete pretty quickly, although, according to the normal 5-year cycle of a standard, the international community has voted against a revision to ISO 9001:2015 back in 2020.

It seems that TC 176 still feels that a revision is warranted, as they have circulated a formal survey amongst member nations to solicit information as to why they feel that revision is not necessary – even with the 2020 vote suggesting that member nations do not yet perceive the need, it seems that the committee is setting the stage for early revision.

Whether we do see any updates to Annex SL or the text of ISO 9001 in the coming years, we’ll continue to follow and update our readers. If you want to learn more about the current revision of ISO 9001 and how to implement the quality management standard into your business, reach out to see how we can help!http://www.isometricconsulting.com/contact

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